The Top 60 Roofing Slogans for Your Company & Advertising


A quick word on branding

Even as a roofer, a great brand and slogan matter a lot. It needs to be compelling and memorable, so people will remember it when they need you. Suppose you run a billboard or radio ad. This wide net approach won’t hit people when they need roofing services but it will build your brand and make you a household name.

As specialists for online visibility, lead generation, and SEO for roofing contractors, we know brands that do this very well. They aren’t necessarily big!

We are in touch with family businesses that have built outstanding brand-awareness in their community. So don’t choose your brand too lightly, and don’t be too generic with your company name or tag lines. Ideally, both need to be compelling and easy to remember. Sometimes, they can even be amusing wordplay!

Whatever you choose, get some opinions from others to ensure it resonates. This effort is worth doing and plays a role in many marketing angles and your long term success.

Slogans & Taglines

  1. We rock & roof it
  2. We climb to the challenge!
  3. Divine roof design
  4. Rooftastic!
  5. For the hat of your home.
  6. Roofing with design.
  7. Red Hot Roofing.
  8. Dry inside and satisfied.
  9. We nail it!
  10. Rain can wait outside.
  11. Hot shingles in your area.
  12. Tiles for miles.
  13. Master balancers & roofing experts.
  14. We’re on top of it!
  15. Put the best roof over your head.
  16. We raise the roof.
  17. We’ll cover it for you.
  18. Keeping you dry.
  19. No drip buckets needed.
  20. You’ll be through the roof!
  21. No leaks, just peaks.
  22. Making rainy days sunny.
  23. We don’t goof your roof!
  24. Bulletproof roofs.
  25. Tip top tiles!
  26. Sometimes, what’s on the outside counts.
  27. Putting a roof over your head with pride.
  28. Flat roof specialists.
  29. Fear no leakage.
  30. Covered by sheer brilliance
  31. Specializing in hard to find leaks.
  32. Serving the community one roof at a time.
  33. Roofing is our heritage, quality is our tradition.
  34. Roof It. Roof It Good.
  35. Reputable. Reliable. Results.
  36. Reliability starts at the top.
  37. Raise the roof.
  38. Quality you can trust.
  39. Roofing with pride.
  40. Put the best roof over your head.
  41. Protecting your home.
  42. Our roofs are above the rest.
  43. Master balancers & roofing experts.
  44. Make the best decision for your roof and home.
  45. You’ll be through the roof!
  46. When quality and experience matter.
  47. We’re on top of it!
  48. We’ll keep you dry.
  49. We’ll cover for you.
  50. Thinking on top.
  51. The Proof Is In the Roof.
  52. The experts on top.
  53. If you can put a ladder up to it, we can put a roof on it.
  54. Hot shingles in your area.
  55. For healthy cities.
  56. Count on us to cover for you
  57. The Truth Is In The Roof!
  58. Better home. Better price. Better call.
  59. A roofer you can trust.
  60. A passion for making things better.


A compelling brand is memorable, which means people that see you once online or on a billboard are more likely to remember it. Once they need your services, they may google for your brand rather than search for general roofing phrases. Even a small family business can get a lot of leads this way!

All wide-net types of marketing, such as billboard ads, radio, local TV commercials benefit from it. This is because you’re in front of a lot of people, most of which don’t need roofing services at that moment. But if your brand is memorable, compelling, perhaps amusing, and easy to remember, those people may very well end up calling you or googling your brand months or even years later.

SEO is the king, meaning the craft of earning and defending a top spot on Google. It’s where you can get 80% of all customers in your area to see you. Most people search for generic keywords, such as “roofing CITY” or “CITY roofing contractor”. You can show up there without a memorable brand. However, a well chosen brand name does help us SEO professionals to earn that high ranking in the first place but it is not required!

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