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I routinely rank websites worldwide on Google. Beating your local competition is easy for me.
My name is Thor Krum, and I turn roofing contractors like you into prom kings on Google.
Get real SEO by a master & original pioneer of the craft since 2000.
I work one on one with you on your online success. No account managers.

If you don’t rank noticeably higher within 2 months, I work for free until you do.
No digital agency fluff or pipe dreams. Only real talk, 2 decades of expertise, and massive results.

Become Engaging
After analyzing thousands of business websites, I know what makes a site compelling and connect with your ideal customer. I am going to help you make that happen.
Your Own Leads
Lead vendors get nearly all their traffic from Google and then sell it to you. From now on, you will generate your own leads by taking the lead vendor's spot for yourself.
Authority in Your Area
As a top-ranking roofing contractor, people automatically perceive you as an authority in your area. This drives more phone calls and builds your brand.
I don't bind you to a long-term contract, yet I know we are going to work together for years. I win you top rankings, then I defend them. My clients tend to stay.

How to Spot a Bad SEO Company

Here are tell-tale signs that you are with the wrong SEO company. Any one of these is a red flag.

  1. They leave a link to themselves in the footer of their client’s websites, thereby siphoning the authority of your site for themselves in order to rank their own site on Google, tricking people into thinking they are good. This method can not be used for you, only for them.
  2. They give you a long-term contract (to disable you from running away when you find out they can’t do SEO).
  3. They post some blog posts on your site and rank you for low-competition info phrases, getting you traffic that won’t help you. This is to make you believe they are getting you results.
  4. They host your website for you (and often charge $100-300 per month for it), thus holding your site hostage to disable you from canceling. I talked to a roofer who’s website got deleted when he wanted to cancel with a known roofing website developer.
  5. Their roofing SEO is cheaper than $2k per month (unless you are far from a major city).
  6. They are a big agency. The bigger the worse. The best in the world are individuals.
  7. The person who ultimately does the SEO is an employee. SEO masters do not need a job.
  8. It’s a web designer that also offers SEO.

Roofer SEO at a Different Level of Quality

The #1 spot on Google is the gold medal position. Any kind of mediocrity is not going to cut it.

While anyone can easily learn how to run ads or build a website, SEO is a secret craft worth a billion dollars. I could rank a roofing company with locations in 20 cities and get them hundreds of monthly customers per city. A skillset of such value is not attainable. You can’t read tutorials or watch Youtube videos to learn how it really works.

I belong to a small group of elite SEOs that are all on the highest level in the world, and we spend around $1 million a year to test SEO methods across thousands of test websites to reverse engineer how Google works. That’s the length to which we need to go to actually know for a fact what needs to be done. This is why I am at the cutting edge. Ranking a local business site is child’s play for me at this point.

Our strategies can rank websites globally, which is the Olympic gold medal of SEO. If I go and apply that to your local roofing site, it’s pretty clear what’s going to happen.

  • Webspam Protection
  • YouTube Video Rankings
  • Conversion Optimization

  • Reputation Management
  • Google Search Domination
  • Google Maps Domination

Google Maps Hero

Google maps SEO for roofers is very important and a big part of my focus. In major cities, your map listing can drive hundreds of direct calls to your business – even over a thousand if the city is large enough and you rank in the top 3. As your website rises in the search results, so will your optimized map listing.

Local Roofer Marketing

If I started a roofing company myself, I’d be sitting at the top of Google just 10 months later. Roofing is an old-school craft, and most roofers are old-school when it comes to marketing. But 90% of all available customers are on Google and click in the top spots. It’s really all you need for your marketing to be covered. No need for anything else.

Brand Consulting

A memorable brand is a customer magnet. People remember it, google it, and recommend it to others (referrals!). When you are in a top spot on Google, people will perceive you as an authority in your area. About a third of all people in your city are going to interact with your website directly, building your brand automatically.

Legendary ROI

90% of all people that need a service go to Google. If you run ads on the search engine, it’s usually around $30 per click. By ranking at the top, you get thousands of clicks in major cities and hundreds of calls on top. In most cases, that is $100k+ in free traffic and leads. My SEO projects are a small percentage of that cost. ROI can be 50x or more.

Clean SEO

Having pioneered white hat SEO since the year 2000, my methodology is clean, safe, and robust. It earns top rankings the right way, future-proofing your results. Due to on-going extensive research, the quality is maintained as Google changes how it evaluates sites. Most agencies out there still resort to spammy basics because they never learn anything new or do research.

Paid Search Ads

You are not going to need any paid ads once you rank at the top, as you are not set up to handle that many customers to begin with. Listen, you are underestimating how many customers there actually are because you’ve been fighting over the scraps of people that don’t go to Google or find lead vendors. You will need to hire more guys and grow your business to meet the demand coming your way.

Consultant Vs. Big Agency

The very best SEO experts in the world are all individuals. We sit in our home offices and crush it online with our own websites that get hundreds of thousands of visitors and make money with ads and affiliate sales.

Do you think someone employed at an agency knows SEO? If so, why do they have jobs? It’s a billion-dollar skillset to actually rank sites at the top, and that skillset is deeply secret. The truth is that agencies generally have no clue but they are good at selling it. Someone like me just works with 5 to 25 clients on the side, absolutely crushing it for them because what we do is on a completely different level.

So if you have been burned by bad agencies, you’ve found the right person. Now, let’s do real SEO!

Stop Buying Leads. Generate Your Own!

Be on top of the market with organic search engine traffic!

The Main Element of a Roofing Business

If you think about starting a new business, what is the most important thing to set up? Whatever you are thinking of, my answer is a proper website and Google rankings. It is the heart that pumps the blood through your business. Without it, you need to scramble to get leads. With it, getting customers is effortless. They just find you automatically.

Take Dallas for example. There are around 10,000 people per month googling for roofing services in that city. Yes, 10k people, and 90% of them are not clicking on ads. So you can’t even pay to get them!

You know how 1% of the world’s population owns 50% of all the wealth? It’s the same for the distribution of customers. 1% of the businesses (namely the ones at the top of the search engine) are being clicked on by 90% of all available customers.

Go and googling “roofing CITY” for your nearest major city and check which companies are on top. Do you know them to be huge, successful companies? If so, this is why. Their rankings are the only reason.

I’ve looked at thousands of roofing websites, and 99% of them don’t seem to undertake any kind of roofer SEO efforts. Many sites are broken, many aren’t build on WordPress. They don’t even have a picture of their staff on their About pages. It’s not compelling, it’s not ranking, and they are getting zero leads this way, unless someone searches specifically for their name.

If you want to really win and get in front of nearly all customers, search engine optimization done by a real master is the only way to go. The real masters work more or less alone. You’ll never find them at an agency.

How to get Roofing Leads?

Everyone monetizes their traffic: Google, the radio, billboard advertising companies, TV, lead vendors, you name it. If you do a local search for roofing, you’ll find that Home Advisor, Thumbtack, and Yelp are usually ranking well. That’s how they get traffic, and then they sell you a piece of that in the form of roofing leads.

For the love of all that’s holy, let’s cut out the middleman and get you to rank organically, so you get the traffic yourself. That’s what Google is for, after all. People aren’t searching to find some middleman! They are searching to find great local companies. Google wants you to be there but you gotta prove yourself and earn that spot.

That’s where I come in. Ranking on the search engine to get exclusive roofing leads is like becoming cool in high school. You need the right attire, a fast car, and hang our with other cool people. Google is the same.

  • The right attire: A decent website with the right kind of information on it
  • Fast car: A fast, well optimized website with good usability
  • Hanging out with cool people: Other websites that link to you with a clickable link.

That’s it, only these 3 points are really 300 very technical things in practice. Just like fashion is complicated, and there being a lot to know about cars, SEO is quite involved when done in detail.

Google is like a woman who judges men (websites), and so to please her you need someone who has a deep understanding of what she is looking for in the perfect guy. For example, if your website is really slow, Google goes: “Nuh uh, I’m not recommending that to my users!”

The basics are simple but don’t get you to the top. The real, deep knowledge and methodology to win & defend top rankings every single time is not freely available. It is worth a billion dollars. There are few people in the world who are on that level. And while I am up there, like all people of my skill set, I work mostly by myself and can only take on a select number of clients. If you’re serious about growing, if you want real SEO, then go ahead and reach out to me.

How Much Does Roofing SEO Cost?

It’s an investment that has a large positive return, not a cost in that sense. In any case, you need just 1-2 customers a month to make the money back. First, I push your site to the top, then I maintain those rankings and defend them, so SEO is a flat monthly investment.

You’re going to get those customers pretty quickly. Even in a major city, you may already reach page 1 of Google after 4 months (obviously it’s sooner if you already start out on page 2).

  1. I do real SEO and charge what’s needed to dominate the competition. If you combine a world-class SEO skillset with an aggressive budget, the competition won’t be able to outpace you, and that’s the point.
  2. The budget determines the speed of your car in this race.
  3. The price depends on the competition. Are you in a major city or a good bit away from one?
  4. Do you just want to rank in a suburb or in the main city?
  5. Are you in multiple cities and want to rank in each one?

Ranking in any city yields anything between 20k-200k in free traffic and leads, depending on the size of the city. That is what it would cost to get the same via Google ads. So the value is enormous and dwarfs the price of a couple grand easily.

The ROI of Free Roofing Leads

The only statistic you need to remember: 90% of all people go to Google to find services. 90% of those people don’t click on ads. Thus, around 80% of ALL available customers in any area end up on Google below the ads. You can’t even pay to get them.

If you have never ranked at the top, what you are used to is really just the scraps you’re fighting over with everyone else. The moment you rank in a top 3 spot, a door will open and all your marketing headaches are gone.

At the top, you are going to get two things:

  1. Direct visitors to your website (1/3 of the city).
  2. Direct phone calls via Google Maps (hundreds if you are in a major city).

So if just 1000 people search for roofing in your city, 300 may end up on your website, resulting in 60 calls if 20% of people contact you). And I’d expect 60-100 calls from your Maps listing as well. If 1/3 of all leads become customers, that’s 40-50 customers per month.

Mind you, in major cities, there are often 5,000 – 10,000 people searching every month. That means, in a place like Dallas (10k searches), you can grow your company to a massive size.

Even real SEO at the highest level is ultimately just in the realm of a few grand per month. The ROI is through the roof (pun intended)!

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