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Exclusive Roofing Leads

Here is how we enable you to generate leads and grow your business.

90% of all customers in your area are on Google.
Vendors you can buy roofing leads from rank on Google.
This is how they get the leads in the first place!
Our goal is for you to earn those top rankings.
Generate leads yourself with your own website!

I am Thor Krum, a leading expert at ranking businesses on Google.
Most agencies do basics and achieve little to no rankings. Not here. Not me.
This is a one-on-one service by an SEO black-belt who ranks sites globally.
Being at the top means you get all the leads you’ll ever need.
They are automatic, exclusive, free leads that find you.

Exclusive Leads
Over 50% of people click on the Google Maps section at the top of the search results. I'm known to specialize in Maps optimization and get your profile up there, generating large numbers of exclusive calls to your business.
Practically Free
Leads from vendors are pricey and often shared between contractors. Organic search traffic is free, except for my services to earn and defend top rankings. Your investment will be dwarfed by the value of the leads.
Commercial & Residential
Commercial contractors are often old-school and think there are no jobs for them on Google. That is absolutely not the case! In major cities, there are usually hundreds of people googling specifically for commercial roofers.
Free Website
After analyzing thousands of roofing sites, let me tell you that most of them leave a lot to be desired. If you are in need of an upgrade, the first thing I do is build you a fast, optimized site for free as part of the SEO project.

Why Use SEO for Roofing Leads?

Here’s an experiment for you: Google something like “dallas roofing” but for your nearest largest city or suburb.

Check out the businesses that rank in the Google Maps section and at the top of the search results (below the ads). Do you know these businesses? Are they big and successful? Now you know why…it’s because 90% of people scroll past the ads and click on the businesses that have earned one of these elusive top spots. They generate a ton of leads for free all day long.

Ranking on Google brings in more traffic than any other source. In some major cities it can bring over 1000 calls to a roofing company every month. That is why a good website + top rankings are the most important things to set up for any local business.

I have achieved these types of rankings for all of my clients over the last 20 years. As one of the pioneers of SEO craft back in the day, I’m at a point where this has become easy for me, and I work with you directly one on one.

  • SEO by an industry veteran
  • Google Ads & Retargeting
  • One on One Service

  • Google Search Domination
  • Google Maps Domination
  • High converting website

Google Maps Hero

Believe it or not, Google Maps drives far more phone calls to local businesses than anything else. Even ranking at the #1 spot of Google often produces fewer calls than your spot in the top 3 of the maps. That is why I specialize on ranking my clients there in addition to the #1 spot of the organic search results.

Local Roofer Marketing

The leads coming from organic traffic on Google are local homeowners that are looking for roofing services. They are ultra-targeted and have the highest quality imaginable because they are specifically searching for the type of services you provide. You show up the moment that they need you!

Brand Consulting

A spot at the top and even the best ad campaign is only as effective as your brand and your website will allow. Ideally, your online presence is compelling, memorable, easy to navigate and doesn’t sound generic. Most roofing websites are boring and fail to make a connection to its visitors. And that is great because it means you can easily stand apart from most of your competitors by getting it right, something I will help you with.

Legendary ROI

Nothing beats free traffic and leads. SEO and organic rankings are always going to be the most value for the money you invest, even though it takes 6 to 9 months to reach top rankings and maintaining them is on-going work. But you need only 1-2 customers to make back what you spend each month, and with hundreds of leads coming your way, that hurdle is very low.

Clean SEO

Most digital marketing companies only do basic SEO and rarely update their methodology. This isn’t going to get you into the top 3. SEO is about showing Google that your business and website are awesome and rank-worthy. The rules by which Google determines this changes over time, so SEO needs to be clean and always stay modern. This is why I base my overall strategies on data of thousands of test-websites that my associates and I use to always know what actually works.

Paid Search Ads

While my main focus is on organic traffic, ads do have their place and can certainly produce a lot of residential and commercial roofing leads. Their main upside is that you can turn them on immediately while SEO takes 6 to 9 months to get you to the top. They can also add more leads beyond pure organic traffic. Once you have grown large enough to handle all your new customers, consider turning on ads as well. I can handle that for you.

Why Not to Buy Leads

Buying leads means you are siphoning someone else’s traffic. There are even many fake business websites and Google Maps profiles out there that were set up just to generate calls. That’s right, people call a number and expect to reach a certain business, only to be redirected to whoever is buying that call.

Bought leads have always gone through a funnel, and if they are not even exclusive, the quality gets worse as you have to compete with other roofers over price. So buying really isn’t the way to go.

The right way to get good leads is to have people naturally find you through normal means of marketing, such as organic search engine traffic and ads. Of course, you can try billboard ads, the radio, and TV commercials, but those methods are pricey and most people don’t need roofing services right then and there.

That’s why search engines are king. People search for roofing when they need it, and if you have earned a top spot for those searches, you get the traffic. Being found naturally is the best form of getting in touch with new customers. And if they reach out to you from organic traffic, the leads are mostly free.

Stop Buying Leads. Generate Your Own!

Be on top of the market with organic search engine traffic!

Roofing Lead Generation Company

The one statistic you must remember is this one: 4 out of 5 available roofing customers in your area are people that go to Google and don’t click on ads.

There can only be 3 businesses on Google’s podium. Only 3 get nearly all of the customers. Everyone else is fighting over the scraps that either click on ads, click over to a lead vendor, or don’t go to Google at all.

I tend to joke that buying leads, running ads, putting up billboards, and other such things are symptoms of a business that doesn’t rank organically. Once you rank, all your marketing headaches simply go away.

Lead generation is really a matter of ranking or not. We all know Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor, and other such websites. They all rank on Google and get most of their traffic from that source. Even these national sites get their traffic originally from the search engine. So you might as well take over a top spot and get all that traffic yourself.

This is why I have always focussed primarily on roofing SEO, and as a pioneer of this craft, I do it personally for each of my clients. You don’t get delegated to some account manager like you would be with an agency. Whatever bad experiences you may have had with SEO in the past, it does not apply here.

The ROI of Doing SEO

I do real SEO, and I charge what I need to in order to agressively outpace your competition and establish you at the top of Google.

While that may sound expensive, it ultimately really isn’t. As a roofing contractor, just 1 or 2 residential customers a month already take care of the investment. You don’t even need to be at the top to get those. Once you reach the first page (could take 4 months), people are going to find you organically.

When you rank at the top and in Google Maps, you can expect to get 1/3 of the whole search traffic + a large number of direct calls via the map.

Let’s say 2,000 people search for roofing in your city (in major cities it’s way more), then you’d get 600 hits on your site, and maybe 100-200 calls from the map.

  • 600 hits at 20% call rate means 120 calls.
  • 100-200 additional calls via the map.
  • Together, that’s 220-320 calls. If 1/3 of your calls turn into actual customers, that would mean 73 – 110 customers

The free leads you get this way would cost you 5 to 6 figures if you were to buy them. As a rule of thumb, a call generated by organic rankings is worth $150. That’s because you likely need 5 clicks to your website before someone will call, and to buy 5 clicks on Google Ads is typically $30 per click.

In major cities like Dallas, the total value of your website traffic and calls is usually 100-200k per month, and you get it for free by ranking at the top. Obviously, SEO is nowhere that expensive. Like I said, 1 – 2 customers per month already take care of it.

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